Title Deeds in Thailand

December 16, 2011

If you are looking at property in Thailand then you would need to know a bit about the title deed system used in Thailand. Not all of them are the same and you should speak to a conveyancer in Thailand about the property options. These are the basic title deeds available in Thailand.

Any conveyancer in Thailand will explain to you that the title deeds in Thailand can become very complex. These are the 3 main title deeds in Thailand and you need to understand each title deeds limitations and what as a foreigner you would want to buy into. Be very careful taking advice from a forum or a website – best to speak to a property conveyancer in Thailand.

The Chanote is the main title deed and is much like the title deed you would have in your home country. These deeds have no limitations and it is property who hold these deeds which expats and foreigners in Thailand buy most often. This is a freehold title deed and one which you should always look for.

The Nor Sor 3 Gor is a title deed which is much like the Chanote however there still needs to be an application made to have this title deed upgraded to a freehold Chanote. Before you buy this type of title deed speak to one of our conveyancers first as there might be other issues which you do not know about which has held the property and its title deed in the Nor Sor 3 Gor category.

The Nor Sor 3 is a land which has not been measured by the government as yet and hence its boundaries are not exactly known to the government. This type of property first needs to be upgraded to a Nor Sor 3 Gor and then upgraded again to a Chanote. The process does take time and each step requires an application to be made to the Lands Department. As with all title deeds its best to speak to a conveyancer about this first.

The other title deeds in Thailand would have no interest to a foreigner buying property as many of them had been created for poor rural farmers in Thailand. These title deeds have no ownership as they only give the user the right to possession and nothing else. If you are looking at buying land in Thailand or any form of real estate then speak to us at Law Firm first.

With offices in all the major cities of Thailand we at Law Firm are best able to assist you in obtaining the property you want without the risk.

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