Notary Public in Thailand

December 14, 2023

Notary Public in Thailand. A Notary Public acts an instrumental part in evaluating the reliability and authenticity of documentation in every aspect of legal and business transactions. As the hub of global business and commerce, Thailand has its own Notary Public service system, which serves as a necessity for authorizing and validating an extensive variety of legal documents. The relevance, functions, and methodology of notarization in Thailand are reviewed in this article.

I. Being familiar with the Notary Public of Thailand

A. Definition :

  • A Notary Public in Thailand is a registered legal professional who may authenticate documents, administer oaths, and witness signatures.
  • Notaries in Thailand serve a significant function in safeguarding the legitimacy of documents used both domestically and internationally.

B. Appointment & Authority:

  • Thailand's notaries are appointed by the Ministry of Justice and function under their oversight.
  • Their authority includes witnessing signatures, certifying copies of records, and performing oaths or affirmations.

II. Duties of Notary Public in Thailand.

A. Witnessing signatures:

  • Notaries watch the signing of documents and verify the signatory's identity.
  • This aspect is a necessity for legal documents, contracts, and affidavits.

B. Certifying copies:

  • Notaries can certify copies of original paperwork in order to verify that they are true and accurate reproductions.
  • This is frequently needed for academic transcripts, passports, and other significant documents.

C. Giving Oaths and Affirmations:

  • Notaries provide oaths or affirmations to those making sworn assertions.
  • This is common in affidavits, statutory declarations, and legal affirmations.

D. Notary Services for International Use:

  • Notaries in Thailand frequently notarize papers for use in foreign transactions.
  • This includes business documents, real estate transactions, and legal processes.

III. Thailand's Notarization Procedure

A. Preparation of Documents:

  • Verify that all of the documentation is ready and evaluated before applying for notarization.
  • Documents should to be exact, detailed, and acceptable with Thai legal standards.

B. Outward Presence:

  • Before the Notary Public, the person asking notarization needs to appear in person.
  • This serves to ensure the person's identity and witness document signing.

C. Identity Verification:

  • Utilizing a photo identification issued by the government, the Notary Public verifies the signature's identity.
  • This is a key component in avoiding fraud and guaranteeing the signature's authenticity.

D. Certificate of Notarial

  • A notarial certificate, proving to the signature's authenticity, is attached by the Notary Public once the document has been signed.
  • The Notary's seal, signature, and necessary data are all included in the certificate.

E. Maintaining Documents:

  • The notarized documents are kept on file by the Notary Public.
  • These records can be used for verification and are retained for a set period of time.

IV. Notarization's Value in International Transactions

A. Acceptance in Foreign Law:

  • Foreign officials usually accept documents that are officially notarized.
  • This is vital for cross-border transactions, legal proceedings, and global enterprise.

B. Apostille and Legalization:

  • Getting notarized is frequently a need for further processes such as procuring legalized or obtaining an Apostille for usage overseas.
  • These additional procedures ensure the document's validity worldwide.

V. Conclusion

In Thailand, upholding the integrity of legal documents and allowing smooth international transactions are the primary duties of the Notary Public. Notarization gives a widely accepted and valued aspect of trustworthiness to legal affirmations, business agreements, and real estate transactions. For both individuals and businesses who participate in international transactions, it is crucial to understand the roles played by notarization and all the steps involved in the process. This will ensure that their documents are authentic and are accepted globally.

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